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Earlier in the week, Cardi B's best friend Star Brim was arrested and charged with a federal RICO crime. Star, who is currently pregnant, faces 30 years to life based on her charges.

But MTO News has learned that she may be out sooner than you think - embarking on a new REALITY SHOW career.

With federal prosecutors, especially ones in New York, who have over a 95% conviction rate - things don't look good for Star.

There is one potential way out for Star Brim - she can turn state’s evidence, and "snitch" on her longtime best friend Cardi B.

Federal prosecutors in New York indicted Star Brim for allegedly ordering a hit on two strippers, one of whom was allegedly sleeping with Cardi's husband Offset.

The feds did not mention Cardi in the indictment - but they claimed that Star ordered the attack with other gang members. And that indictment implies that Cardi B was one of them.

Right now it doesn't appear that the Feds have any evidence to prove Cardi had any ties to the Bloods gang. But if Star were to "snitch" on her friend . . . she could end up getting a Tekashi-like “no jail time” deal.

And what would happen to Star if she snitched?

Well MTO News reached out to a producer at Love & Hip Hop and someone at the VH1s show casting. We asked whether Love & Hip Hop would be interested in casting Star Brim - if she were to snitch on Cardi B.

Both insiders emphatically told MTO News, "YES."