Love & Hiphop Star Sukihana ARRESTED For FIGHTING!! (Ratchet Mugshot)


Love & Hiphop star Sukihana has been arrested for fighting, MTO News has confirmed. We obtained a booking document via Miami Tea Matters that revealed she was arrested on Thursday for Touch or Strike/Battery.


Sukihana appears to be proud of her most recent arrest - and of the mugshot. She changed her Instagram profile pic to her latest mugshot.

Sukihana mugshot

But this isn't Sukihana's first run in with the law . . .or her second, or third. Back in March, Sukihana got into a fight at a Florida nightclub after a female rap showcase with Trina. 

In a clip that went viral, Sukihana (wearing a red dress) is seen running toward another girl. Her security and a woman who appears to be a friend were able to hold her back, but only for a moment as she yelled, “Get off of me!” She’s then seen charging toward the opposing group and throwing in a few punches as several people attempt to break up the melee.