Anaís Martínez, the 35 year old Dominican singer who starred on Love & Hip Hop - suffered a mental breakdown last week. And some suspect that the breakdown could have been caused by drug use.

Anais was the winner of the second season of Objetivo Fama, a Puerto Rican reality-show-contest that airs on Univision Puerto Rico in Puerto Rico and on the Telefutura network in the mainland.

But the Dominican beauty is probably best known for starring in the VH1 hit series Love & Hip Hop NY. She was on the show for 2 seasons, 8 and 9.

Anais has suffered from mental health issues for years. But last week, things really started spiraling out of control - in front of Anais' fans on Instagram Live.

It all started when she started ranting about Jay Z and Beyonce:

Then she started ranting about the FBI:

Here she is later - she was admitted to the hospital.

She seems to be doing better now. Let's all pray that she gets better.

What's interesting is that in January of this year Anais had another aledged "mental break". Here's how InTouch Magazine reported it:

Fans have been very worried about Love & Hip Hop: New York star Anais Martinez after a very emotional scene on this week’s episode. Anais’ friends Jonathan Fernandez and Rich Dollaz had an explosive fight last season, but they were able to come together to cryptically discuss Anais’ wellbeing after revealing that she had been in and out of mental health facilities for a month. Now, in an exclusive interview with In Touch, Anais is sharing an update with fans about how she’s doing now, and she’s opening up about the issues that she was facing at the time that the episode was filmed.

“I wanna really thank [my fans] a lot and I’m doing fine,” Anais, 34, told In Touch. “I know they also talk about my weight loss, they’re concerned about that,” Anais said. She explained that she had a gastric sleeve surgery in the past, and that has caused her to struggle with maintaining a normal weight. “I was just going through a lot at that time, not eating much, working, and filming. So I blame it on that. But I am totally fine, taking care of my family and I thank everybody for their support.”