Estelita Quintero, better known as the Panamanian Princess, ais getting her butt implants removed. Estilita was a supporting cast member on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta seasons six and seven.

The beautiful Latiina first appeared on Love & Hip Hop as Stevie J's new "artist."  Estelita was brought in to replace Joseline, Stevie's former artist and love interest.

Before joining Love & Hip Hop, the Panamanian beauty worked as a stripper in Miami. And while dancing she got a ton of plastic surgery, including butt injections.

Now Estelita is removing her butt augmentations, for what she calls "health reasons."

Here's the full video of her discussing her journey.

According to the website Fandom, Estelita endured a rough childhood in Panama. She is the youngest of 20 brothers and sisters. 

From 5 years of age, she was sexually molested by her a family member.

After she was gang raped by five men, she fled to America. By the age of 14, she was working as a stripper in Miami. 

She is also a domestic violence survivor, having been in an abusive relationship for many years.

And here are some pics of her: