Love & Hiphop Scrappy & Bambi Gender Reveal - They're Having A Girl (Video)


Last night Love & Hip-hop stars Scrappy and Bambi had their gender reveal while quarantining during the Coronavirus, MTO News has learned. And they're having a girl!

(see the video above)

The reality show couple held their virtual Lakers themed gender reveal party via Instagram last night. But before their big reveal, Bambi explained to fans why she and Scrappy wore yellow while other family members donned purple t-shirts.

She told fans, “We about to shoot and see if the powder turns purple or yellow. [We] going to throw [the basketball] at the backboard so that it can all explode. I’m nervous, but i think it’s going to be a boy. I think i am a boy mom. They got on their purple."

Turns out she was wrong - and they both were overjoyed by their new female family addition.

The “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star announced in early March that Bambi was pregnant for a second time. He took to Instagram and posted a photo of his wife dressed in a yellow suit with her bare baby bump showing.

“Wifey be carrying my babies around drenched out,” he wrote. “Come on with the Baby drip den mama, too much drip for one bottle @adizthebam #mom #wife #hustla #CDAYVIBES #BABY3 #CINCO.”

Fans were shocked to learn the happily married pair were having “babies.”

But it turns out, they