Love & Hiphop Saucy Santana Accused Of Being Inappropriate w/ Child At Gay Pool Party!


Yesterday, Love & Hip Hop: Miami star Saucy Santana and his friends were accused by hotel security of inappropriate conduct towards a young boy. 

MTO News learned that the incident occurred at a public hotel swimming pool in Miami. Saucy and his friends - who are all gay - were approached by a hotel security guard and asked to leave the pool. The guard claimed that the men were somehow being inappropriate with a child.

Saucy was immediately outraged by the allegation and claimed the security guard was lying - because he didn't want gay men partying in their pool.

Luckily for everyone, the incident was captured on film. And while the video shows Saucy and his friends turning up in the hotel pool - the group of gay men stayed among themselves, and did not interact with any young children.

There were, however, some young children at the hotel pool - nearby Saucy and his partying friends:


After security made the explosive allegations against Saucy and his fellow partygoers, an argument broke out. And Say and his friends ended up leaving the pool.

Afterwards Saucy wanted to make sure that everyone understood that the security guard's allegations were false, and hurtful to him. He says that he would NEVER be inappropriate with a child.