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Love & Hip Hop NY couple Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena are expecting their first child together - a daughter.

A few days ago, the couple gave an interview - where they talked about what they want their first child to look like. And without a doubt, the first thing that both Safaree and Erica talked about is their daughter's "hair."

Yes, hair.

Safaree started off by saying that Erica has "that good ol’ hair” that can get wet. The Jamaican immigrant then went on to explain how he was amazed, when he first witnessed Erica get in the water - and her hair stayed put.

Safaree claims that he immediately asked Erica what kind of lace glue she uses to get her hair to stay on.

But the reality star says that he was "mesmerized" by the fact it was her real hair.

Safaree told the interviewer that he’s so accustomed to seeing women wearing lacefronts, hair pieces, edge control, and having “necks” (a ‘kitchen’) - that Erica's hair surprised him.

Safaree and Erica ended the tragic interview by saying that they are both praying the child has her hair.


Listen for yourselves. The tragedy starts at 5:14​