Love & Hip Hop stars Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena are currently engaged. But a beautiful Instagram model named Gabrielle Davis just dropped some explosive tea on their relationship.

According to the model, Safaree has been cheating on his fiancé Erica - and she has receipts to prove it.

The beautiful exotical model Gabrielle released text messages that she claims proves Safaree's being unfaithful to Erica.

In the messages, Safaree tries to get Gabrielle to meet up with him, even though he's engaged to be married.

And Safaree is very thirsty in the messages - and disrespecting the hell out of Erica in the texts. The reality star tries to entice Gabrielle to give him a second chance by saying, "I'm not getting married. For the 10000th time."

And it gets worse. Safaree tells Gabrielle that he "loves her" in the messages. An then he confirms his feelings towards her by saying, "I mean everything I say to you."

Here's whats Gabrielle posted:


And in case you're wondering - this is Gabrielle:

According to one of Erica's closest friends, Erica dropped her reality star fiancé because she caught him having secret conversations with his ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj and other women!!!

The friend explained, "Erica was always suspicious of Safaree, but he seemed like he was a good man."

But Erica's no dummy - she wasn't willing to trust Safaree blindly. Last month, our snitch tells us that Erica broke into his phone when he wasn't looking, and found some disturbing text messages between Safaree and women, including ex Nicki Minaj.

Erica's friend explained, "[Safaree] and Nicki are working together on a project, but the way they were talking and flirting it was not appropriate. Safaree told [Nicki] that he still loves her."