The Love & Hip Hop reunion show was taped yesterday in Atlanta, and as expected it was a complete sh*t show!!

During the reunion show Akbar V got into an argument with Shekinah, that turned violent.

We spoke with a person at the reunion show, and they explained to us what happened between the two Love & Hip Hop castmates.

The insider explained, "Sierra was talking to Shekinah, and all of a sudden Akbar interrupted them, and started acting belligerent. I really think she was drunk or something."

"Akbar started saying all kinds of stuff to Shekinah, and then brought up Shekinah's best friend Tiny, and started saying terrible things about her too," the insider added.

That's when Shekinah stood up and tried to confront Akbar - and that was a big mistake.

MTO News confirmed that Akbar V then "drop kicked" Shekinah.

The insider told MTO News, "Akbar V is a big girl, but she jumped in the air and drop kicked Shekinah."

The tipster continued, "With both legs. And Akbar got up there. She looked like that big guy Zion that played [basketball] for Duke."

Luckily the kick didn't seriously hurt Shekinah, who was stunned by the wrestling kick that landed.

Security - who now have a "no violence" policy at Love & Hip Hop reunions, grabbed Akbar V and escorted her off the stage.

Here's Akbar on Live, after the confrontation with Shekinah. She's discussing what happened shortly after the violence popped off: