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Rasheeda Frost from Love & Hip Hop is helping raise her husband's side baby, MTO News has confirmed.

Love & Hip Hop's Kirk Frost, 48, cheated on his wife Rasheeda, with one of their reality star castmates Jasmine Washington, 22. Kirk ended up getting Jasmine pregnant, and they now have a 2 year old son together named Kannon.

Initially Kirk's wife Rasheeda left him because it seemed too much to handle, but in the end, the couple decided to work through the indiscretions. 

And now Rasheeda is helping raise Kirk's side baby Kannon - she's like a second mom to the baby.

Last night on the Love & Hip Hop premiere, we got a first glimpse at Kirk and Rasheeda's new unorthodox family situation.

Here is the video:

In the above video, you hear Rasheeda criticizing Jasmine's parenting - because two year old Kannon is still in pull ups. Yes, she was being petty - but give her credit - at least she's trying.

And things are getting better. MTO News has confirmed that since the filming of the above scene (a few months ago), Rasheeda has taken a bigger role in raising Kannon. She's now like the boy's second mother.

Here are some pics of them together:

In the upcoming trailer for the new season of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta  according to Madam Noire Rasheeda said: “I ain’t always been perfect,” Rasheeda shared in a scene from the trailer. “We’ve had infidelities from both sides.”

This is the first time the rapper and entrepreneur has talked about doing any of the cheating in her relationship. She has, however, been open in the past about Kirk’s misdeeds, which the world has seen and knows the effects of. While doing so, she may have actually alluded to her own infidelity.

“I know people who would’ve left and I know people who have been through way, way worse and stayed and have overcome their obstacles. Those are the things you look at and pray about within yourself,” she told HelloBeautiful about forgiving him for cheating. “The thing is, when you guys see two minutes of some things that are going on in a relationship, not the whole aspect, people make mistakes and bad things happen. I make mistakes, he makes mistakes. I feel like sometimes when certain mistakes and things happen, sometimes you have to step back and you have to say, OK, let me reevaluate this situation. That doesn’t always mean divorce. It may mean reevaluate to make a person understand what they have, don’t have.”