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Love and Hip Hop Miami rapper Trina has been lying for years, about being an Afro-Latina of Dominican descent. She made the claim multiple times this season on Love & Hip Hop - telling viewers that she is "mixed with Dominican."

Well her father has spoken out, and he's telling folks that Trina is lying - and that she's 100% Black with NO Latina blood in her. He told an interviewer that both he and Trina's mom are American Black and not hispanic.

In a new interview with a blogger named, Geisha 305 Trina's father sets the record straight:

Here's the interview:

Trina first started calling herself a "Latina" in 2012, when she was interviewed by Latina magazine. At the time, the Miami rapper told the magazine, "My dad is Dominican and my mom is from the Bahamas."

Trina later added, "I’m very proud of who I am. Just to be part of that whole mixed culture is a beautiful thing. I want to dig into my roots more and find out that different side about myself more."

What's interesting though is that people having said, "Trina don't even embrace her Dominican (dad) side only her black/Bahamian side (mom)...Her dad was a dead beat she spoke about it in interviews and how her father side of the family only tried to contact her for money."

Trina has been celebrated in the Hip Hop community for years. In fact, XXL Magazine calls her "the most consistent female rapper of all time". The Source celebrated Trina's career for the 2012 Women's History Month. In 2013, Complex ranked "Pull Over" #27 in their Top 50 Best Rap Songs by Women. In 2014, Trina was included in Billboard's list of the "31 Female Rappers Who Changed Hip-Hop"