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Jessie Woo was one of the most popular cast members on Love & Hip Hop Miami.  And on the show, she was portrayed as a very clean cut, and moral "good girl."

Well her co-star, Shay Johnson, is dropping some bombshells this holiday season. According to Shay, Jessie's "good girl" image is just an act, and behind the scenes Jessie is allegedly trading sexual favors with music producers, in exchange for beats.

Shay spilled the alleged tea during an interview - where she was criticizing Jessie.

Shay told the interviewer, "[Jessie Woo] where are your morals and values. Word on the street is that - the two producers you were working with on the show, you were banging one of them. F*cking for beats."


In the Instagram post, you also see a video from last season of Love & Hip Hop Miami - with the two producers that Jessie was working with, Bigg D and Lamb.

In the clip, Jessie is discussing getting beats from the two popular music producers. And in the video, she is trying to negotiate a way to get the beats, without having to paying money for them.

Love & Hip Hop usually acts as a home for established artists, but in the past has also acted as a springboard for rising artists to build a name for themselves in front of a wider audience. (Cardi B, for example, was the crown jewel of the Love & Hip Hop: New York cast before properly breaking into music.) On the most recent season of Love & Hip Hop: Miami, comedian and aspiring singer Jessie Woo made her TV debut as the show's lovable Haitian "seeester" and attempted to chronicle her long and painful journey to achieving her dreams of being a professional singer.