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Love & Hip Hop star Kirk Frost is being called a deadbeat father, by his newest baby's mother Jasmine. And according to Jasmine, Kirk's wife Rasheeda encourages him to be a deadbeat to his youngest son.

Jasmine went on social media to BLAST Kirk and Rasheeda. According to her, she stopped allowing Rasheeda and Kirk to film scenes of the VH1 reality show with her son, because they are "frauds."

Jasmine claims that Kirk is a deadbeat toward their son Kannon. She says Kirk does not pay child support and that he rarely sees his son - unless the VH1 camera's are around.

Kirk's babys mama claims that on Kannon's last birthday, neither Kirk nor Rasheeda even called the boy to wish him a happy birthday.

Oh and there's more. You know that scene where Rasheeda took Kirk's phone and ask was Jasmine texting him? Well Jasmine says that was all a lie - and that Jasmine doesn't even have Kirk's phone number.

Here's the scene that Jasmine says was faked:

And here's Jasmine's own words: