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46 year old Love & Hiphop star Karli Redd and her fiancé Arkansas Mo separated, MTO News can confirm. 

According to two of Mo's family members, he dropped Karli because of her embarrassing Love & Hip Hop storyline - where she's accused of having an "accident" during s*x and pooing on her friend's bed.

Karli and Mo were engaged last year, after dating off and on for 6 months. And their relationship was featured heavily on the current season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

But Mo is distancing himself from Karli, after her new storyline turned embarrassingly ridiculous. Mo's family member explained, "He does not want to be associated with the f*ckery that's going on. Talking about poo and an*l s*x with a married man."

Karli is accused this season of sleeping with one of her castmates husbands. The woman, who is named Pooh (no pun intended), claims that Karli slept with her husband in their marital bed. And Pooh claims that Karli had an accident while having an*l s*x and she sh*t the bed.

We're told that Mo is also asking for his ring back, which cost him $40,000. Here is a receipt, where Mo tells the world that he's single.


Here are pics from their engagement:


Yesterday MTONews reported that:

One of the show's stars Pooh Hicks will unveil evidence that her husband had an*l s*x with Karli Redd.

Yes, this is actually a storyline on the current season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. If you haven't been watching this season, you're missing a lot.

Karli's former friend Pooh is the wife of former Def Jam president Hiriam Hicks. According to Pooh, she and her husband have an open marriage, and Karli was one of their bedmates back in the day. 

Karli has consistently denied her former friend’s allegations, accusing her of lying. And the drama between the two was been on fire all season.