K Michelle from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood is supposedly expecting twins from a woman whom she calls her "surrogate" - YouTube star Tannae.

But we spoke with multiple producers on the VH1 show - and they all have their doubts as to whether Tanae is in fact pregnant at all.

Tannae and K Michelle met in the parking lot of an Ikea just two-and-a-half years ago when K Michelle noticed that Tannae, a mother of triplet girls, had three identical car seats - and approached the 22 year old mom.

The two ladies quickly became friends, and eventually Tannae agreed to be K Michelle's surrogate. K Michelle announced way back in April, that she was expecting twins.

Well that was 5 months ago. And, Tannae doesn't look 5 months pregnant with twins at all.

Here are some recent pics of her:

To keep it in perspective, here's Tannae when she wasn't pregnant:

Tannae is currently a cast member of the new season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.