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Joseline Hernandez from Love & Hiphop Atlanta has come upon hard times. Her landlord claims that the former reality star is broke, and behind in her rent.

According to a lawsuit filed by her landlord, the 32-year-old reality star is being accused of failing to pay her monthly rent. Joseline rents a home in Sunny Isles Beach Florida - a barrier island in northeast Miami - with her daughter Bonnie Bella and her boyfriend.

Joseline's landlord, Beach Place Apartments, filed a lawsuit against the self-proclaimed “Puerto Rican Princess” on June 24, claiming she hasn't paid her $2,056 rent.

The luxurious apartment complex claimed it left a late rent notice on her door, but she apparently never forked over the money. They’re asking the “Run Me My Money” rapper to dish over $2,375 or she’ll be evicted. The suit also demands Hernandez pay legal fees.

Joseline was fired from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta two years ago. There have been rumors ever since of her getting her own reality show. But those rumors never came to fruition.

She’s been given a month to respond to the Beach Place’s complaint or it will push for a default judgment. As of June 27, she hadn’t responded to their lawsuit. There are no current updates.

As if the mother of one doesn’t already have enough on her plate, she’s also undergoing a custody battle with ex-fiancé Stevie J., the father of her 2-year-old daughter Bonnie Bella. The music producer recently asked the court to have her thrown behind bars in their reignited custody battle.