Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's favorite couple Kirk and Rasheeda are going through it - again. They're caught up in yet another cheating scandal and this time with another cast member, Pooh Hicks. Pooh Hicks, who was the show’s newest addition last season, claimed that Rasheeda Frost‘s husband Kirk Frost tried to shoot his shot at her. Seeing as Kirk has a history of cheating, some fans weren’t surprised by Pooh’s DM claims against the D-Lo executive.

The embarrassment popped off on Friday, when Pooh's Twitter account spilled the alleged tea.

The first tweet from her account lashed out at her fellow cast members, Karli Redd, Rasheeda, and Mimi. It was a typical shady tweet, that accused the other ladies of being two-faced and talking about each other behind their backs.

The second tweet though was more personal - and made the claim that Kirk was sliding inappropriately into Pooh's DMs.

Poor Rasheeda...

Here's what was posted on Pooh's account:


Pooh later deleted the tweet and told fans that she had been "hacked."

Pooh’s claims caused an array of mixed reactions from social media users. Several slammed Kirk for allegedly being unfaithful to Rasheeda once again.

“Damn kirk really ain’t s–t 🤣 I believe her he been cheatin on rashida since day 1 🤦🏾‍♀️ plus y’all know pooh carry receipts”

“Tell us something we don’t know about Kirk lol and it’s clear Rasheeda love her man and ain’t going no where. He been cheating”

“I can believe the part about Kirk 🥴 he been for everybody. Let my clutch my pearls and gather mysseelfff! #MessyMessyMessy”

“🗣 He had a whole baby , some dm’s not gone move her Ms.Pooh kirk be cheating”

Pooh, real name Gynel Ladawn Campbell, is a socialite and wife of music producer Hiriam Hicks. The couple live in Atlanta, but are originally from Detroit.

Pooh and Hiram met while she was working as a stripper. She is openly bisexual and she and her husband have an open marriage.