Brandi B and her husband Max Lux starred in two seasons of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. The two are married, with two children - a 5 year old and a newborn.

Yesterday Brandi went on social media, and had to CHECK a woman, who she claims was trying to shoot her shot at Brandi's husband Max.

Brandi claims that she "caught" the woman, sliding into Max's DMs. She explained to fans, "I AM SOOOOOO TIRED OF THESE LAME GARBAGE NO RESPECT HAVING FEMALES LIKE @goodassbakery GOING AFTER MARRIED MEN & RELATIONSHIPs."

Brandi - who has access to her husband's Instagram - played along. She claims that she "followed" the girl back and then asked the woman for her number.

When the woman gave her the number Brandi let her have it. Brandi wrote, "I JUST LEFT A VOICE MSG YELLING SO LOUD I HAD TO ASK GOD 4 STRENGTH."

Here's Brandi's full story:

And here's the woman that she claims was trying to creep with Max: