Love & Hip Hop's Apryl Jones' life seems to be spiraling out of control. In a new video, she's seen sleeping on someone's floor - on Christmas. And her children do not appear to be with her.

A blog leaked video showing Apryl celebrating Christmas with her friends. In the video, it appears that the reality star rang in the holidays away from her two children Megaa and A'mei.

Not everything in the video showed struggle, however. April did receive some pretty nice gifts, including some Gucci boots and a Gucci scarf.

But the sleeping arrangements at the house were very - unorthodox. In the video, Apryl appears to be sleeping on someone's floor.


Apryl describes herself as a singer-songwriter, originally from Chicago, Illinois. She is an Afro-Asian of mixed ethnicity, her mother is of Taiwanese, Chinese and Mongolian descent, while her father is African-American with Native American roots.

She became internationally famous when she joined the cast of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, as Omarion's babys mother.

Fizz and Apryl started dating while she and Omarion were separated - and the two unveiled their relationship on reality TV, during the last season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

Once Omarion learned that Fizz was sleeping with his baby's mama, he broke up B2K - and kicked the rest of the group off his upcoming Millennium tour.

Well, Fizz did all that for nothing. MTO News has confirmed that Fizz and Apryl are officially over.

One of Apryl's friends told MTO News, "It's nothing scandalous. It's just that their relationship ran its course and it's over."