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Apryl Jones, reality star and baby's mother to Omarion's kids, is going viral again today.

Last night, she posted a video attempting to convince fans that her butt is "real."

Fans had been questioning Apryl - saying that her body was "fake" and "photoshopped" on video. Apryl decided she would prove her naysayers wrong, by removing her pants, and posing on Instagram in a skimpy lace thong.

Apryl told fans, "One thing I am not doing is photoshopping my body." She explained, "I might poke it out a little like this, but it's all real."

Here's the video:

Apryl is originally from Chicago, Illinois. She is an Afro-Asian of mixed ethnicity, her mother is of Taiwanese, Chinese and Mongolian descent, while her father is African-American with Native American roots.

She became an international star when she signed on to be a cast member on the VH1 hit series Love & Hiphop Hollywood.

Most recently, Apryl got into a beef with her ex-fiance's bandmember J-Boog. J-Boog’s first Love & Hip-Hop reunion was packed with drama, mainly because he had some harsh words for Apryl and her boyfriend Fizz.

Things escalated when Boog was asked how he would feel if Fizz dated his baby’s mother (Fizz is dating Omarion’s baby’s mother Apryl Jones). He quickly said, “I’ma f**k him up.”

He then slammed Apryl, saying it was wrong to have a relationship with Fizz after having to kids with his close friend Omarion. Boog ranted, “What’s f**ked up is it’s unfortunate that you f**ked with his brother before you f**ked with him.”

Apryl then threatened to spill some info about Boog and he responded with, “Open up the box then, baby. Trust me, I ain’t the one to f**k with. Do you want me to say it for you so your clip is empty?”

Jones then said there were other relationships happening with “members’ other family members.” It appeared Apryl was claiming that Boog had a relationship with someone's family member in B2K.