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Love & Hip Hop star Amara La Negra is known for her beauty and for her large afro. Well that's all about to change.

MTO News has learned that Amara has cut her afro, and will now be wearing her hair straight for the foreseeable future.

Right now, Amara's wearing a blonde wig - and that's causing quite a stir on social media. Many people are shocked that Amara would change her signature look.

Here's what Amara used to look like:

Here's what she looks like now:

Many of Amara's more afrocentric followers on social media are particularly upset with the reality star. They feel that she's "selling out" by not wearing her natural hair.

Here are just some comments:

She's a beautiful woman, but that blonde hair cheapens her look in my opinion.

She looks horrible with that, her IG page is getting progressively weirder, platform promote-ish and more attention needy by the moment. To think that she started off so humble.

one of the most beautiful women on this planet....but gimme back the fro...

African women with Straight Blonde Hair looks so stupid to me.