Love & Hip Hop beauty Alexis Skyy is no longer a single gal. According to Alexis, she and her rapper boyfriend Trouble are now "man and wife."

And Alexis is sporting a Chanel wedding ring - to prove it.

Alexis attended the Future concert last night in Atlanta, and she looked so stunning that men and women stopped and stared at her as she entered the building.

But there was something different about the reality star - she had a special glow that new brides usually exhibit. 


One fan yelled out and asked whether she and Trouble, her 31 year old rapper boyfriend whose real name is Mariel Semonte Orr, were married and Alexis nodded her head yes, and flashed her ring.

She's also posted a pic showing off her ring on Instagram. Look:

Alexis' now apparent marriage to Trouble comes as a bit of a surprise to some because the couple didn't begin dating until August 2019 - less than 2 months ago.

Along the way, they've also had their fair share of bumps in the road. First, Alexis' ex-friend, Marissa Da'Nea, publicly accused her of stealing Trouble right from under her (and possibly literally) and that she used their friendship to get to him. 

Then after the two became public, a video was posted to the rapper's Instagram Story, where he was seen kissing Alexis while very firmly grabbing her neck. In the video, Alexis tried to free herself from his grip but Trouble wouldn't let go, with many of her fans calling him "abusive."

But we here at MTO News know that every relationship does not begin perfectly and wish the best for the happy couple.

As for the wedding, Alexis hasn't yet shared the exact details of her nuptials - and cannot wait to hear all about it.

Congratulations again to the happy couple.