Love & Hiphop Alexis Skyy Called 'Bad Mom' For Using Rubber Bands In Daughter Hair!


Love & Hiphop starr Alexis Skyy is going viral today, MTO News has learned, because of how she did her 2 year old daughter's hair.

Alexis posted a video on Instagram on Wednesday - where the beautiful reality star used rubber bands to tie her daughter Alaiya Grace’s hair. Alexis hoped that, by posting a video of her doing her daughter’s hair on camera, she would gain followers. Instead, the reality star gave online critics an opportunity to bash her parenting skills.

Alexis' 2-year-old daughter Alaiya has cute short hair. But the fans quickly got on Alexis in the comments, saying the rubber bands would damage the child's hair and that the toddler's hair looked "dry."

Here are some of the comments that she received:

”Use moisturizer in her hair also so it don't look dry.” 

”Please stop using the rubber bands in her hair they’ll damage her hair.”

Stop s*cking d*ck and learn to do hair

Get Fetty to braid her hair, that's his daughter

So what do you think - are rubber bands a “no-no” for children's hair, or were the fans overreacting??