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Love & Hip Hop star A1 Bentley is going viral today, after an image of him and his son - both wearing diapers leaked online.

It's not clear why the producer and reality star is wearing a diaper - but many fans suspect that A1 leaked the image for "clout."

A1 Bentley, producer for Tyga, Chris Brown and Ty Dolla $ign, is starring on the current season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. And he's doing any and everything to increase his profile.

As only A1 Bentley would do, the reality star came through with peak promotional goals for his new single. This is the type of content that people on TikTok, Triller, or any of the other video-sharing apps would kill for. With his track playing in the background, A1 announced that he would be kicking off a new challenge for whoever comes up with the best dance moves. "The winner will be Flewed out to LA to be in the Video," he said. He may be needing to cop himself a flight though because, to be honest, we don't know if this can be topped.

A1 shared his own video on social media, laying down with his baby and hitting some moves with a bottle of Henny in his hands, cradling it like a baby bottle. Adding some sauce to the clip, the rapper is wearing only a diaper, matching with his kid and letting it all out for the world to see.

Lately, the blonde producer has resorted to tacky stunts like this:


On the most recent season of Love & Hip Hop, A1 and his wife Lyrica welcomed a new baby into the world. Also on the show, A1 was caught cheating on his wife - with another cast member, Summer Bunni - and the couple split up.

To A1's credit, though, it looks like he is very present in his son's life despite the split from his wife.