Love & Hip Hop's TOMMIE Pregnant . . .  Gave Blac Youngsta A Baby . . . In Exchange For HIT SONG!!

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Love And Hip Hop star Tommie is PREGNANT according to multiple sources IN THE KNOW. And the father of her child - is platinum selling rapper Blac Youngsta.

The two have reportedly been seeing each other off and on for the past few months. According to one of Tommie's girls, "They met in the studio. They worked on a couple of songs together and had chemistry."

Well it appears that the relationship has bore fruit literally. According to one person in the know, Tommie is currently PREGNANT. Tells the insider, "She was in Miami all week, and didn't have one sip of alcohol and no weed. She has to be pregnant."

But that's not the only fruit that Tommie and Blac Youngsta's new relationship is bearing.The couple released a new song - and it's getting a lot of BUZZ on the streets. People are even saying that Tommie can be the next CARDI B.

Here is the song:

Perhaps this new pregnancy will help to calm Tommie down, because a few days ago TMZ reported that:

Tommie, is going to have to answer for allegedly beating on an Atlanta mall employee earlier this year -- 'cause she's been smacked with charges in court ... TMZ has learned. Law enforcement sources in Fulton County, Atlanta tell us Tommie has been charged with battery with substantial harm by the Solicitor General's Office. for her arrest were already issued in this whole saga.

We're told Tommie has a hearing on the matter next week where two separate issues will be addressed ... her alleged mall beatdown, and her 2016 DUI case. She'd be wise to show up ... not one, but TWO warrants.