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Stevie J and his wife Faith Evans are expecting their first child together. MTO News has learned.

Stevie and Evans tied the knot at their Las Vegas hotel and filed for their marriage license the same day. The couple have been friends for more than 20 years and rekindled their relationship during the “Bad Boy Reunion Tour” in 2016.

Since their wedding, Stevie and Faith have spent almost every minute together. Many were skeptical of their relationship at first - but now it's clear to most observers that the two truly love each other.

And out of that love comes a baby. MTO News confirmed that 45 year old Faith Evans is pregnant.

How do we know? Well Stevie and Faith are currently in Los Angeles filming their own reality show - unaffiliated with Love & Hip Hop. And they told producers that one of the storylines for the show is "Faith's pregnancy."

Here are some pics that Faith posted yesterday, you can sort of see a baby bump in them:

Congrats to the happy couple.

Back in February the couple was caught during Grammy celebrations and said, “We’re working on finishing up our EP, doing a few TV projects, producing a few TV projects,” Evans said, “and if [Stevie] had his way working on an addition to our family."

“Twins!” Evans added with a smile.

The Jordans wed in Las Vegas last July, and collectively have a total of 10 children from previous relationships. Evans and the Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta star have been friends since the ’90s, and are so close that Stevie J. is even the godfather of Evan’s son, CJ Wallace, with her late husband, Notorious B.I.G.

Asked where they are in the baby-making process, Stevie flashed a huge smile, explaining: “We’re having a great night tonight.”