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Love & Hip Hop's LYRICA Caught CREEPING With Safaree . . . Sippin Lean . . . ROMANTIC DATE!!!


Lyrica Anderson and Safaree from Love And Hip Hop appear to have been having an affair.

On the latest episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood - rap producer A1 confronted his wife Lyrica, about possibly having an affair with co-star Safaree Samuels.

At first, Lyrica tried to keep her cool and explain that they're all just friends. When A1 wasn't having it, Lyrica popped all the way off, giving him an explosive reaction that said more than she thought.

Well it's starting to look more and more like Safaree was SLEEPING with his wife. MTO News learned that back in February Lyrica posted a Snap - suggesting that she was single. In the Snap, she talked about how she always anted a "side n*gga." And if you look closely at the Snap, you an see that here is a RED FUR COAT in the picture.

Also in the picture is a big cup of lean. And another glass with some type of liquor concoction. Clearly there are TWO drinks - suggesting a "date"


According to Bossip, on the most recent episode, viewers saw Lyrica’s husband A1 have some doubts and confront her over the rumors.

While the two were sitting down to discuss the Safaree rumor that ANOTHER person confirmed to A1, Lyrica at first laughed off the accusation before sliding her phone to her husband as proof that she didn’t cheat.

Unfortunately for her it only made matters worse because she’d already DELETED all her text messages to Safaree.

Fans have of course been gobbling up this interesting storyline and TEA: