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Love & Hip Hop star Lyrica Anderson is denying rumors that she has Herpes cold sores.

Fans raised speculation after she posted a selfie that they say appeared to show a small cold sore on her lip -- but Lyrica says it simply isn't so.

”Nice try, hating ass b*tches. No herpes here, cold sore here boo, boo. Okay," she said in a video posted to her social media.

And her reasoning for the supposed cold sore-looking bump on her lip?

“I had lipstick on earlier, and I put lip gloss over it and it got stuck. So that’s what that was. Okay. Haters are going to hate. Kiss my ass," she continued.

In the video, she gave fans a close up look at her lips. Fans were unbothered.

"Who tf cares? Her wife probably got it anyway," one commenter wrote.

"Why so defensive? I get a cold sores about every 4 years, I’ve had them since I was 6yo. What’s the issue 😒" another chimed in.