Love & Hip Hop's Kirk Frost Having ANOTHER Baby . . . Guess His LATEST Babys Mama!!

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MTO News has confirmed that Kirk Frost is having another child. The Love & Hip Hop star is in the midst of paternity drama surrounding an ex-girlfriend and his wife co-star Rasheeda.

But this baby is different. You see MTO News confirmed that Kirk's wife Rasheeda is the one that's pregnant this time.

According to MTO News top snitch, Rasheeda recently told Kirk that she's expecting - on camera. The insider explained, "I don't know if it's just another fake story line or what, but Rasheeda told Kirk (on camera) that she's pregnant."

The insider added, "Looks like they're going to stay together."

Kirk and Rasheeda have been together more than 20 years. They have grand kids together.

Kirk is currently playing out his OTHER baby's mama drama for the whole world to see on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. A huge story line this season has revolved around Kirk's baby's mother Jasmine.

Kirk’s baby mama Jasmine is originally from New York. The former exotic dancer moved to Atlanta three years ago. She released a single in 2017 as Jasmine Bleu called “Wifey Blues.” Previously Jasmine was dating fellow LHH star Rod Bullock.

Here's what one report had to say:

For the beginning of Season 7 of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, viewers have watched the split between Kirk Frost and Rasheeda Frost widen over the rumor that Kirk became a father with another woman. The paternity test proved the rumor to be true. Now the mother of his baby, Jasmine Washington, is getting more air time on the show. When asked if Kirk has been spending time with the baby, Jasmine says, “He still hasn’t made himself present in Kannon’s life.”