Love & Hip Hop's Bri Taylor: Cyndi Lauper's Son BEAT Me . . . Called Me A 'Black B*TCH'!!

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1980s pop star Cyndi Lauper's son Dex Lauper is being accused of RACIALLY ABUSING his ex-girlfriend Bri Taylor. The two had been dating for 6 month s- and are in the midst of a bitter breakup.

But according to Bri - she s a survivor of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. Bri claims that Dex used to use racial slurs against her - calling her a "Black b*tch." She also suggests that he may have put hands on her.

"He verbally abused me by calling me all types of black b*tches. Belittling me by calling himself born royalty and I'm just a "crack baby." He even verbally abused my mom several times. Calling her out her name."

Dex Lauper is not just any old White guy. He's a rapper and appears to have some sort of affiliation with the Bloods Gang. It's not clear how a boy whose mother is one of the most recognizable pop stars in the world - can be a gang member.

Here's what Bri said:


Brittney ended her Instagram story by urging women who have been in these situations to seek help and get out immediately. Dex has responded to AllegedTea's Instagram page that the allegations against him are false, and that Brittney's motive is to "stay relevant."