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Love & Hip Hop co-star BK Brasco and Sierra Gates are expecting a baby together, MTO News has confirmed.

The couple have been together off and on for the past two years, and it's their first child together.

Sierra unveiled her baby bump last night, at the grand opening of Atlanta's Frost Bistro & Bar. It's a luxurious bar, lounge na restaurant that's owned by Kirk & Rasheeda Frost.

Both she and BK were there, and they both appeared to be very happy.

One teeny tiny issue that we should pint out. We're assuming the baby is BK Brasco's - but there's a chance the baby is not his!

You see, on the past season of Love & Hip Hop Sierra admitted to cheating on BK. And she didn't specify when the cheating took place . . . 

Anyway, here are the images of Sierra with her baby bump:


Last season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, it seems like wherever Pooh went, the drama tended to follow him. This time, she is taking it straight to Sierra’s Glam Shop, and it isn’t for a makeover. She is trying to make amends and come clean about what actually happened between her and Sierra’s boo, BK, in Cancun.

And as you know, the squad was growing increasingly tired of the animosity between Karlie Redd and Pooh. It did feel as though the back and forth between the two went on for the entire season. Moreover, some of the cast members began to blame Mimi for the whole thing because she invited Pooh to the Trinidad trip in the first place. In an effort to lay the tiring beef to rest, Karlie suggested for both her and Pooh to take a lie detector test. That way, we will all know once and for all, what really went down that night.