Love & Hip Hop's BENZINO Turned 53 Years Old . . . And He Look GREAT!!!

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Benzino from Love & Hip Hop fame turned 53 years old a few months back, and he looks great. The media mogul/rapper/reality star works out 3 times a week, and eats healthy.

Benzino's the founder of Source Magazine and the Source Awards. He's also a rapper, who was featured on multiple platinum singles.

And he's got a bunch of other interesting projects on the horizon. Most importantly, he and two of his daughters were recently cast to star in the upcoming season of Growing Up Hip Hop NY.


Benzino was born in Boston, Massachusetts to a Cape Verdean and German mother and a Puerto Rican and African American father. Along with his longtime friend, David Mays, Benzino is known for being a principal of the hip hop magazine The Source, which was launched in 1988 as a single-sheet newsletter out of Mays’ Harvard University dorm room.

Benzino has said one of the primary inspirations to enter the genre of rap, stems from his fondness of the film Wild Style.

Benzino was a founding member of rap groups The Almighty RSO and Made Men, before finally becoming a solo artist. He has appeared on the reality television show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, since 2012. He has also dated Karlie Redd and Althea Heart.

On March 29, 2014, Benzino was shot in the shoulder and back by his nephew Gai Scott. The shooting took place in the town of Duxbury, Massachusetts, at his mother’s funeral. The wounds were not fatal.