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Love & Hip Hop's AMINA Buddafly Leaks EXPLICIT Pics Online!!


Amina Buddafly is looking to secure a spot on a new reality show after she was dropped from Love & Hip Hop. And she's doing it the BEST WAY HOW in 2018 - she's THOTTING online.

Amina released a series of EXPLICIT PICS on social media. And it worked - she's trending

Here is one VERY GRAPHIC one

Here is another VERY graphic pic

Here s a third GRAPHIC pic

Amina first burst on the scene when it was revealed that she was Peter Gunz longtime side chick. The two ended up getting married behind the back of Peter's longtime GF Tara.

Eventually they had a child together named Bronx.

But you could NEVER tell that she had a baby by her Aina's body.

Here is one VERY GRAPHIC one

Here is another VERY graphic pic

Here's a third GRAPHIC pic

The drama surrounding the love triangle with Love & Hip Hop's Peter Gunz, Amina Buddafly and Tara Wallace seems to finally be over. Both Peter Gunz and Tara Wallace took to social media showing love to Amina's latest project.

According to a report from BET, "Amina posted professional of shot of her on the phone and revealed that it was the cover for her new album Mother."

Tara Wallace added a few hilarious tweaks to Amina's album cover. Photoshopping a photo of herself on to Amina's album cover, Wallace joked, "Hello Barbara this is Shirley...🤦🏾‍♀️🤣 (I had to beat y’all to it) 👦🏽👦🏽👧🏽👦🏽👧🏽 Go cop #Mother @aminabuddafly new album!"

The irony in the quote Tara used isn't missed. She used lyrics from the classic single, "Woman to Woman," where songstress Shirley Brown attempts to contact her lover's other woman. There was huge moment where hilarious memes were created from the lyrics.

Peter Gunz, the man linking the two ladies, also took to social media in support of the new album.