Love & Hip Hop's AMARA LA NEGRA . . . F*CKED Her Friends Man . . . In Their House!! (VIDEO)

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Just when you thought the Love & Hip Hop fake story lines were getting boring. Here's a REAL story line.

Amara La Negra just got caught cheating with her friend (and co-star) Brittney Taylor's boyfriend (Dex). And it gets better. Amara allegedly slept with Brittney's man . . . IN HER HOUSE. Possibly even in her BED.

There have been rumors for SOME TIME that Amara was a SCANDALOUS WOMAN - but now it' been proved out.

Brittney confronted the Latina singer about whether she was carrying on with Dex, and at first Amara denied it. Then, after she was caught LYING, she started talking in circles.

In the end, Amara basically TOLD ON HERSELF. She admitted to spending the night at Brittney and Dex' house - although she claims "nothing happened."



In other news, reports say that, "the reality star, who was born Dana Danelys de los Santos, started her career at four years old as a dancer on Sabado Gigante and has worked as a backup dancer and singer ever since. But the performer has all the excitement and energy of a newcomer and she poised to conquer the American market. The week after Love and Hip-Hop Miami debuted, La Negra announced that she signed a record deal with BMG Records."

And if you remember, "while her higher profile has won her hundreds of thousands of fans, she’s also become the target of criticism. Some online haters, for example, have accused her blackface. But many have celebrated her for raising awareness about racism and colorism in Latin music."