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For weeks, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has been hyping up a confrontation between reality stars Sierra and Akbar V - and last night the two ladies finally "fought."

Unfortunately for the viewers, the physical encounter was very underwhelming. In fact, you can hardly even call what happened a "fight" because neither woman really wanted that smoke.

The two reality stars were friends - until Sierra crossed the line during a business meeting a  few weeks ago, and embarrassed Akbar. Sierra insulted music executive Hiram Hicks and producer Stevie J, during a meeting that Akbar set up.

And two ladies' relationship has been on a downward spiral since then.

For the past few weeks, the hit VH1 show had been building up to a final breaking point, where the two ladies would settle their differences with violence.

That happened last night, sorta.

Here's the "fight":

Not a single blow was thrown.