Next week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is going to be a doozy.

One of the show's stars Pooh Hicks will unveil evidence that her husband had an*l s*x with Karli Redd.

Yes, this is actually a storyline on the current season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. If you haven't been watching this season, you're missing a lot.

Karli's former friend Pooh is the wife of former Def Jam president Hiriam Hicks. According to Pooh, she and her husband have an open marriage, and Karli was one of their bedmates back in the day. 

Karli has consistently denied her former friend’s allegations, accusing her of lying. And the drama between the two was been on fire all season.

Well on next week's episode, Pooh finally offers evidence that Karli was sleeping with Hiriam, and she shows evidence on the cameras.

According to Pooh, no pun intended, she claims that her husband had an*l s*x with Karli, and Karli had an accident on their bed.

And she brought the stained sheet - that she's kept all these years - on vacation with her to show the cameras.

According to a producer, the sheet that was "covered in poo."


In 2001, Redd was cast in the movie Black Spring Break 2 where she was credited as Keisha "Karlie" Lewis. In 2008, Redd was in the VH1 reality show Scream Queens. In 2012 she was cast in the spin-off VH1 reality show, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Redd has dated hip hop artists Benzino and Yung Joc on the show. According to an analysis done by a language analytics company, Redd's appearances on the fifth season of the show garnered 16% of all emotional reactions about the show collected from social media data, with the largest share of them being negative.