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Love & Hip Hop Star Tokyo Vanity Gets BEAT UP . .. Video Of Her FIGHTING!!! (Warning - Violence)


MTO News learned that Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's Tokyo Vanity and her girls got BEAT UP in New Orleans on Tuesday night. Tokyo and her girls got into a scrap while visiting New Orleans - and they got beaten pretty badly.

According to MTO sources, one of Tokyo's friends had to be taken to the hospital with a. suspected concussion. And we have it all on video.

As the below video shows, Tokyo seems to be holding her own with the much smaller girl. But Tokyo takes a series of blows to the face. At one point, she attempts to use her WEIGHT against the tiny girl. But Tokyo's opponent is relentless, and she continues to BLAST the reality star in the face.

Tokyo's friend isn't as lucky. Tokyo's homie is taken down by her opponent - and her head is BANGED on the concrete.