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Karli Redd, the 45 year old star of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, recently had some work done on her face - and not just a little - a lot. And so far, folks on social media are not sure how they feel about it.

In addition to having her face surgically tightened, the Love & Hip Hop star appears to have gotten lip injections and facial fillers. She may have also gotten a facelift.

Karli stepped out this weekend, and unveiled her new face, and the reaction to her new look on social media was immediate - and harsh. 

Here's a pic of her new - surgically enhanced - look:

Here are some of the comments about her new face:

Nope. And she needs to change her diaper, it's full..

I could tell she had fillers done from the little clips It looks horrible!

Her lips? Her overinflated butt? :cry :cry :cry Pure tragedy.

She did not need plump lips. They looked just fine before with the rest of her features. Now she look crazy lol

Earlier this year, Karlie Redd recently opened up about her desire to have a baby boy and jokingly invited fans to drop off sperm samples for her during a recent interview with Ed Lover. 

“But I’m dyin’ to have a boy. I’m taking applications and, you know, if people wanna leave, you know, some of your stuff at the bank for me, you know, I’ll go to the bank and pick it up,” she said.

Now that she and her man have called it quits, it looks like she’ll continue pursuing IVF treatments without him.