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LOVE AND HIP HOP STAR Joseline Makes SHOCKING ALLEGATION . . . Suggests Stevie J Needs To Be 'IN JAIL' . . . Because Of What He Did To 'LITTLE GIRLS'!!


Joseline Hernandez has made some very OUTLANDISH allegations lately against her ex Stevie J, but her latest may be the WORST.

In a tweet that Joseline sent out yesterday, she implied that Stevie J may have done something ILLEGAL to young girls. She sent out the below Tweet


This comes right after her accusations that Stevie J has had multiple relationships with men.

We really hope that she's not talking about someone other than Stevie J.

Joseline and Stevie J have called it quits in the past, but it really started getting ugly after Stevie J went on a Twitter rant cause his former homie Rick Ross had his hand on Joseline's thigh.