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EXCLUSIVE: Love And Hip Hop Star Amara Le Negra Gets A PAINFUL BOOTY MASSAGE . . . They KNEAD Her Butt . . . Like It Was Some COOKING DOE!!!

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Amara La Negra continues to do THE ABSOLUTE MOST on social media.
Yesterday she posted a video of her getting a”booty massage”.

The massage is actually to help combat cellulite and body contouring but some people didn't understand why she felt the need to post it. Here is just a handful of the comments.

".get this build a thot outta here with this attention begging shyt
If she ain't playing sports or working out tell her plastic ass get off the table"

"Typical loser chick looking for attention (highest bidder) and now the thirst trap is set and as the comments show stupid men fall for it everytime. Women hate thirsty men!"

"I just wish she wouldn't open her mouth that's when she sounds stupid"

"social media has made women retarded"

"She could have gotten that done at home...with her man....for free🤦🏾‍♀️"

"when you have NO man and NO talent...just show the butt"

The crazy thing is, Amara La Negra is incredibly talented, but why is she always posting herself wearing next to nothing. As a dark-skinned Latina making waves, shouldn't she be handling herself with just a bit more class. Pretty soon, that's all that people will want from her, and when that time comes, she will be offended and claim that she is being objectified.

A lil' word for Amara La Negra - showing your booty will not help your record sales, hun! Less naked videos and selfies and more music please!

Here is the link to the video - it is GRAPHIC