Love & Hip Hop Star . . . ALLEGEDLY Gay . . . Multiple Women Claim!!! (Receipts)

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Jaquae from Love & Hip Hop NY is being accused of being secretly gay, by two of his former girlfriend.s The rapper is best-known to viewers as the ex-boyfriend of Sophia Body and current boyfriend of Kiyanne. Last night, the two women teamed up - and made the stunning allegations against him. 

It’s now safe to say he and Kiyanne are no longer together... 

Jaquae and Kiyanne recently broke up, and she went off on Jaquae last night. According to Kiyanna, she broke up with the rapper because he “likes d*ck.” She also asked fans to “refrain from associating her name with his existence.”


Kiyanne continued in the comments, explaining her point According to Kiyanne, she’s not homophobic and doesn’t “wish bad” on Jaquae. She claims her reality star boyfriend “disrespected [her] NUMEROUS times” and she’s simply had enough of it.

Then - Jaquae's other reality star ex - Sophia Body got involved, appearing to confirm Kiyanne's allegations. According to Sophia, Jaquae has “sociopathic tendencies to fool you all.” She also reminded everyone reading that “dating someone who is lying to themselves and their partner about their sexuality it can be risky and unfair to the partner on so many diff levels.”

Jacquae immediately jumped on social media to deny the allegations. Here is the back and forth:


So — how will all this drama about Jaquae from LHNNY transfer to the show? According to the latest from noted gossip blogger @BestRealityBlog, Kiyanne has already outed Jaquae for a scene in LHHNY Season 9. The scene also involved Jonathan, who claimed he and Jaquae have been going at it in the bedroom for some time. It sounds like this love triangle got messy in a big hurry.