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LOVE AND HIP HOP SHOCKER: Wanna Know The REAL REASON . . . That Tammy And Waka Flocka Are DIVORCING!! (Poor Tammy)


Here is a report that someone emailed to MTO:

Sooo I got a lil tea to share. I was a bit hesitant to share it cuz you never know who is reading. But fuck it, the news will come out later eventually anyway.

So my friend has been sleeping with Waka (LAHHATL) for over a year now. She is pregnant by him. Considering she is a thot, I was doubtful it was Waka's, but she swore he was the only person she has been sleeping with for the past 6 months.

Tam found out about it 2 months ago. She was devastated. [and] threatened waka she was gonna [do something crazy] if waka didn't convince [the thot] to terminate the pregnancy. [Tammy] has been wanting to get preg with him for ages now. They were never married. According to my friend Tam convinced Waka to get married on the show, so it will look good on her side.
My friend said [Waka] is really unclean and smells like rotten tofu, but his d*ck game is on point and apparently he is really generous.

Soo, the reason why Tam and Waka broke up is because Waka lied to her about terminating the pregnancy. (She is 4 months now) [Tammy] read a text from his phone while they were in Italy about him "hoping its a boy". She went crazy again, called my friend threatened her. Tam claims she is done now but i doubt its true.

Dang, poor Tammy. Hopefully them two can work through this . . .