EMBARRASSING: We Got PICS And Video Of Tommie From Love And Hip Hop . . . Wearing WORN OUT Leggings Last Night . . . There Was A HOLE Right In The BACK!!


Last night on Love & Hip Hop, Tommi was trying to get Stevie J to manage her, now that her BF Scrapp Deleon is going to prison.

At one point, 2:02 in the below video, she tried to entice Stevie into managing her by turning around and showing off her body.

Too bad that DUSTY CHICK was wearing leggings with a hole in them right near her CRACK. How embarrassing!!

Wondering if Tommie is giving Scrapp advice on handling "the system." If y'all recall, Tierra put out Tommie's dirty laundry that she's had to deal with that life a dozen or so times, according to her many mugshot pics.