LOVE AND HIP HOP SHOCKER: Max Lux Reportedly CHEATED On Wife Brandi . . . And Had a NEW BABY By His Side Chick!! (DETAILS)


We just got word that Max "Lux" Boyd from Love & Hip Hop may have cheated on his wife Brandi Burnside, and gotten another woman pregnant. That's what the popular Instagram blog @vh1lhhtea is claiming. Here is their report:

Max Lux cheated on Brandi and got this lady pregnant.. She just had his baby on 7|17|16 and now he's apparently denying the child and baby mother and refuses to take a paternity test, so now the girl has took legal action.. You're probably asking yourself like why would she have sex with a married man, right? Well according to herself, Max told her that he was separating from Brandi and he never mentioned being married to her other than that she is his crazy baby mama, that's all. Brandi is aware of the situation as you can see in the DM conversation!