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Love & Hip Hop star Rich Dollaz was arrested this week, and charged with failure to pay more than $125,000 in back child support.

New Jersey police picked up the reality star, whose real name is Richard Trowers, on a warrant and threw him in jail. 

According to TMZ, the Hudson County Sheriff locked Rich up on Thursday - and they picked him up at his home in New Jersey. The Love & Hip Hop star was charged with  failure to pay child support. 

And while Rich hasn't been paying his child support - he does have money.

He was able to post $20,000 in bail and was released from prison immediately, TMZ also reports.

And this, however, is not the first time that Rich has failed to pay child support. According to reports, the Love & Hip Hop star has been having issues with paying child support for years. In fact, this is his third arrest for his failure to pay.

He was first arrested in October 2014 for owing $11k, and then again in February 2015 for owing nearly $200k.

On the other side of the coin, Hollywood Unlocked says they spoke with Rich and he denies the charges...Here's what their report says:

While it may seem true given his recent history with child support, according to Rich himself, these reports are not 100% accurate!

We got the chance to speak the reality star who cleared some things up for us. Rich made it clear that he has not missed a payment since being arrested in 2014, which was over 5 years ago and said that this arrest was just a big misunderstanding. Rich was actually taken in for failure to appear in court over child support since his payments increased. He told us he was not aware of the additional money that was added to his monthly payments and had been filming in Miami which is why he missed his court appearance.