We obtained the first pics of Love & Hip Hop's Kimbella's wedding dress. The reality star and her longtime boyfriend rapper Juelz Santana plan on getting married next month.

Yesterday, Kim accidentally leaked pics of her wedding dress.  And so far, social media seems to like the dress that the reality show beauty chose.


Kimbella is known for wearing VERY provocative outfits, and so many were worried that she might choose a provocative wedding dress.

But Kim decided to choose a very traditional gown. Kim's dress was big and covered her arms. But she didn't go completely demure - the dress still showed plenty of cleavage.

Here are some pics of Kim, when she's not being so "traditional".


Juelz Santana plans on going to prison in Spring, for federal gun charges. He proposed to marry Kim, after he learned that he would be going away to prison for many years.

Just a month ago Juelz publicly  proposed to Kimbella:

He made a big moment even bigger by turning a Diplomats show at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, N.Y. into a celebration of his proposal to longtime girlfriend Kimbella, on Friday (Nov. 23).

Video captured of the proposal shows Juelz and Kimbella kneeling toward the front of the stage engaging in a kiss, while a crowded stage of spectators including Cam'ron, Jim Jones and Freekey Zekey look on getting footage with their phones. After breaking from their embrace, Juelz whips out the ring and shows it off before he places it on Kimbella's finger. All this is done while Santana's "My Love" track fittingly plays in the background.

Somewhat hilariously, the couple is so excited about the moment, neither notices that Juelz placed the ring on the wrong hand until Capo, who has been through this before, steps in to make the correction.