Love & Hip Hop star Karli Redd underwent multiple facial surgeries during the off-season, and she unveiled her brand new face last week.

Now MTO News has more pics that show all the changes that the 49 year old reality star made to her appearance. 

First off, Karli made some pretty dramatic changes to her face. She reportedly underwent botox on her forehead, and had cheek fillers implanted in her face.

Karli also reportedly got lip injections and what they are calling a "minor" nose job.

In all her face looks very different. Look:


Now it’s no secret anymore that Karlie Redd is nearing 50 years old. On the last season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Pooh Hicks claimed that Karlie is 45 years old, though previous reports actually put her at 50 and possibly beyond.

The reason for all the interest in Karlie’s age is partially due to her hesitation to reveal how long she’s been around but also because she seems to defy age, looking much younger than she actually is.

Commentary on Karlie Redd’s “new face” apparently came after the photo below was shared recently. Karlie was hanging out with Bambi and Lil Scrappy after reportedly having some work done.


But it's not just Karli's face that got surgically enhanced. Karli also went under the knife to make her butt even bigger.

And last week, she unveiled what her new butt looks like. She clearly went for the "dramatic" look:


Karli is set to appear on the new season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, which begins filming next month.

We're told by producers that Karli's "plastic surgery" will be a key storyline for her.