Love & Hip Hop FIGHT . . . Brittany Taylor Gives Just Brittany A BLACK EYE!! (PICS)

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Two Love & Hip Hop stars Just Brittany and Brittany Taylor got into a fight at Fashion Week last night, making it the second hip hop fight at the Fashion week.

The drama popped off last night at one of the 1 Oak Harpers after Party. It was the afterparty for the same event that Cardi and Nicki FOUGHT AT. The Harpers party took place at the HIGH END Plaza hotel, where HUNDREDS of well dressed partygoers attended the event.

Cardi and Nicki's fight definitely put a DAMPER on the night. But by the time of the AFTERPARTY, most guests had forgotten all the drama of the evening.

But then it popped off. MTO News confirmed that Brittany Taylor from Love & Hip Hop pulled up on Just Brittany and punched her CLEAN IN THE FACE. Security quickly broke up the event and threw out both ladies and their entourages.

As you can imagine, we don't expect many HIP HOP artists to be invited back next year.