LOVE AND HIP HOP DRAMA: Althea Is THROWN IN JAIL . . . After She Allegedly BLACKED OUT . . . On BABYS Father BENZINO!!


Love & Hip Hop stars Benzino and Althea appear to have as much DRAMA off-screen as they do on. According to the website Jasmine Brand, Althea got arrested, after getting up in Benzino's face.

The reality star, who most of us were introduced to on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta (LHHA), has been arrested and is currently in jail. Althea was jailed in Georgia last week and will be released in three to six days. Unfortunately, she does not have the option to bail out.

Oh and it gets better:

Althea confronted Benzino despite the judge instructing her not to communicate with him. The situation escalated, and she was immediately apprehended. The judge then found Althea in contempt of court and ordered her to be locked up in a Georgia jail for 10 days for civil contempt.