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LOVE AND HIP HOP DRAMA!!! Alexis Skyy PUNCHED Rapper MONIECE In Her Eye . . . And KNOCKED . . . One Of Her Eye's CROOKED!!

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Yesterday was FIGHT NIGHT inside of a West Hollywood parking lot - when two of Love & Hip Hop's stars got into a BRUTAL fist fight.

The fight was between new cast member Alexis Skyy - who currently dates rapper Fetty Wap - and Moniece.

The ladies have been going on and on about fighting on social media - and last night they ran into each other outside of a popular West Hollywood restaurant.

Here's what happened according to a person who was there:

The two girls were arguing, but Moniece was doing more of the yelling. Alexis seemed like she just wanted to leave.

Alexis went to her car, and Moniece ran up on her. Next thing you know Alexis popped her in the eye. It sounded like a SLAP but louder.

Then Moniece held her face and kept saying my eye. She [Moniece] said that she couldn't see straight. I don't know if she was being dramatic or if her eye really got knocked crooked.

BTW I would have taken a video but my battery died :<

Here's a video of Moniece after the altercation, and it looks like something is up with her eye:

And here's Alexis after the fight:

Here's Moneice's take on what happened:

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And here's what Alexis says: